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Ashore is an oceanic in-house speaker that embodies aesthetics, enjoyable acoustic experience and sustainability. The diversity of Taiwanese coastal landscapes is integrated into the design, such as the disturbance of waves, the erosion of rocks, and the serenity of beaches.


Ashore brings the ocean vibe indoors and streams the unique sound of the Taiwanese coast, which increase users' work efficiency and improve sleep quality. Furthermore, the speaker is well-printed with recycled PET bottles and recycled Nylon fishing nets collected from the sea.


Of the world population experienced anxiety and depression during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A certain therapeutic product is needed to comfort people mentally and chase away the travel restriction frustration. 

ashore diagram.jpg

Organic forms are explored and ocean-related elements are used as inspirations. The speaker composition requires enough space to place in the stereo systems, wifi signal receiver, and control touchpad.

Several ocean elements are integrated, such as the disturbance of waves, the erosion of rocks, the serene of beaches, etc., in order to bring more ocean vibe indoor.

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